WomenOnChain is the first WOMEN PFP onchain.


All the images and  metadata for each WONC is onchain.  There are only 2000 WONC in the genesis collection, maximising their chances of increasing in value over time. WONC are badass no-nonsense women – here to make sure that women aren’t erased from web3 history. 



The WONCS are an international group of 2000 women who have come together to make sure that women are elevated and empowered in web 3. They come from all walks of life, all geographies and are young and old!

Amongst the group we have a Michelin-chef, a laundromat owner, a children’s fantasy author, a storm-chaser, a media executive, a sex-toy educator, a volunteer firefighter, an ex Google CTO, a pre-school teacher, a few stay-at-home-mothers, an IP lawyer and ice-cream shop owner … and more.

We’re not at liberty to say who’s who and what they do, but it’s highly unlikely there is an area that someone in the group does not have experience in.

They regularly hold pretty wild closed-door IRL events where something unusual almost always happens.

These meetups are held in secret and the only evidence one of these has occurred is when some sort of mischievous post-event drama becomes apparent. 

You can come to expect the unexpected from the WONCs. 




Aside from getting up to mischief, the WONCs are here with a serious mission to bring more diverse holders to the onchain community and  deliver value to our holders. 

We have built a resource hub packed with information about the differences between onchain and off chain NFTs, how to check if your NFTs are onchain, how to back up your off chain  NFTS , where to find more onchain collections and more.

There’s also information there for those new to things like staking, which you can do with a WONC, including all the risks that go along with that.


What’s so special about being OnChain?

The artwork and the metadata of OnChain NFTs are written and stored on the blockchain. They are truly here for the long term.

The Smart contract generates OnChain NFTs, rather than pointing to a location where the NFTs are stored like most collections.

It’s estimated that only 10% of NFTs are OnChain, given that it’s usually so expensive to store the artwork and metadata OnChain. Using Indelible Labs and their unique technology that uses PNGs inside SVG data we were able make this possible in a cost-effective way with WOC.

Better still, you can now mint an WOC for the same cost as you would as an NFT off chain. 

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When did you mint?

We minted on the 30 August as a free mint. We sold out in about 24 hours. 

What are the plans for WONC?

We are building an ecosystem of onchain NFTS and owning a WONC is the key. A WONC gives you access to ongoing airdrops (including the ability to buy a pass that will guarantee you get an airdrop) education, onchain alpha and more. A WONC is a pass for everything we do going forward. We will release a larger and more broad collection down the track and WONCs will be able to mint for free.

Can I download a copy of my NFT if it’s OnChain?

Yes, you can download a PNG copy of your WONC. Go this this address and add your #WONC and it will give you access to 12000 x 1200 PNG. In this example the token ID is 1999. https://app.indelible.xyz/api/png/0x82e8129dafb2d5f06aeded321fb04628f95ef654/1999

How is being the first all-women OnChain collection historic?

Can you believe that despite the immense popularity of all-women PFP collections like WOW, Boss Beauties, My BFF and so many more that not one significant all-women collection exists OnChain?

At the same time  being onChain is growing in its importance with many collections holding their market value just from being OnChain. It blew our mind to discover to the best of our research that no significant all-women collection existed OnChain.

Having historical significance is important to retaining long-term value – something we care about for our holders.

Read how we came to be the first women PFP onchain here.




Tiny Dancer is an experienced founder, artist and feminist. She has worked in web 3 full-time for over a year and is committed to making WomenOnChain a project that goes down in HERSTORY. She has a background in building successful digital companies, marketing and partnerships.  She has chosen to be anonymous, but is Creator Identity Verified with Stripe ie. this way if she disappears  she can be found and held accountable. It’sone step better than having DOXED founder. 

Michael Hirsch


Michael heads up Indelible Labs our partners in tech. They created a unique way to store data onchain as an SVG allowing creators to build collections onchain. Indelible Labs exists to empower creatives to make on-chain NFT collections easily, as well as affordable. They hope  to create, utilize and grow  while simultaneously educating the public  about on-chain technology .



Rob is the other half of Indelible Labs and an experienced full stack Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in web and mobile platforms.  He has a strong passion for learning, experimenting and building clean well architected software.