The ‘One of Women” collection is a digital art series that uses AI to create stunning, raw images of women of all ages and ethnicities. The collection is inspired by fashion and the power of the feminine and seeks to challenge traditional notions of beauty. Each NFT is generated using advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques, with the goal of embracing imperfections and celebrating diversity. The collection deliberately includes AI-generated glitches to provoke thought and question our societal definition of beauty, and beauty industry standards which constantly highlight women’s imperfections. 

Owning a ‘One of Women’ grants the right to mint an upcoming 100% onchain collection by WomenOnChain.



1100 1/1s, broken into four categories: Goddess, Venus, Elder and Leader.

5 special 1/1s including: 2 x Goddess of Punk, Goddess of Sisters, Goddess of Twins and and Goddess of Nipples.

Every piece has been optomised to around 1500 x 1500 using AI so they can be printed.

The collection has been tightly curated down from 5000+ images with every woman chosen for their unqiueness, including the quirks that AI art often creates. 

No manual editing was done, but about 50% of pieces were re-edited using AI to create clearer images.

Models used to create the images include Stable Diffusion, Dalle-2 and Midjourney.


Is this Onchain?

No, this body of work is not onchain. Getting 1/1 files of this size onchain would be incredibly expensive (think hundreds of thousands). It’s often the choice that artists make in getting work onchain vs on IPFS. BUT every One of Women – aside from being a piece of art itself – does give you the chance to mint WomenOnChain’s NEXT onchain collection – an ambitious 5,000 collection that will continue to work to grow awareness around onchain art, and bring more women to the movement. 

Who can mint?

Everyone holding a WONC can mint one for free, everyone holding a potion can mint three for free.  Anyone who has a staked WONC will be counted and can mint one for free. If you hold both a POTION and a WONC – the higher mint will be allocated to you of three free mints.  There will be a public mint if all have not been claimed.

When is the mint?

Mint will be late January – exact details will be announced soon. 

Will there be a public mint?

Yes, after pur Potion Holders and WONCs have minted for FREE, we will have a public paid mint. Price TBA.

Tell me about the next collection?

We’re incredibly excited to be growing the representation of women onchain. Our next collection is a VECTOR collection that pushes the boundaries of  women’s representation onchain. 
ALL WONC holders will be able to mint, along with GHOULS, POTION HOLDERS and One of Women. 

How is WONC historic?

Can you believe that despite the immense popularity of all-women PFP collections like WOW, Boss Beauties, My BFF and so many more that not one significant all-women collection exists OnChain?

At the same time  being onChain is growing in its importance with many collections holding their market value just from being OnChain. It blew our mind to discover to the best of our research that no significant all-women collection existed OnChain.

Having historical significance is important to retaining long-term value – something we care about for our holders.

Read how we came to be the first women PFP onchain here.